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Does your boiler or heating system suffer from the following?

90% of the time ,this is caused by sludge build up in your heating system, causing your system to run less efficiently.

  • Poor circulation

  • Noisy boiler

  • Cold spots on radiator  

  • Pump failure

  • Constant bleeding of radiators

  • Increased fuel bills Radiators taking longer to heat up                        

What is power flushing?


Power flushing is the term we use for cleaning a central heating system rand removing all sludge and magnetite build up over the years. This can build up from lack of system inhibitor or just due to the age of the system.


Sludge build up restricts the water flow in the pipe work and radiators and can also cause the central heating pump to fail or run slow. A power flush can help minimise boiler and system breakdowns and even prolong the life of your boiler and help your system run to its full potential.



Full system power flushing from as little as £280



Essential Heating Services are Power Flushing Professional using Kamco Equipment

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